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„trapped in a war ridden reality, 8 year old Tala finds solace and freedom in a forbidden television. However, the secret TV becomes a matter of life and death."


drama, 28 minutes

writer & director
Murad Abu Eisheh

Student Academy Award Winner in Gold 2021

Shortlisted for the Oscars 2022

Tala poster.png

Get A Glimpse:

released January 12, 2021 

Thomas Kolarczyk: solo double bass 
Percussion: Philip Dornbusch 
Vibraphone: Felix Kolb 

Violine: Louis Vandory, Peer Bohn, Ege Ateslioglu 
Viola: Carla Usberti 
Cello: Amrei Bohn 
Double Bass: Johannes Stern 

Mixed by Nils Wrasse and Lukas Roth

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